DES Arts

A residence for young talent

A few steps away from Paris, “Les Enfants des Arts” offers lodging to close to 70 young artists (musicians, dancers, senior students…), either boys or girls, aged between 13 and 20.​

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Easy Access

The residence is located in Courbevoie, a few minutes’ walk from La Défense.

A Privileged Haven

The residence is in a quiet and green environment with dedicated spaces for artistic and general studies.


The residence benefits from an educational support team ensuring, on an ongoing basis, the supervision of the residence and its residents.

For young talents

The residence is perfectly adapted to students pursuing artistic studies (with music studios, a ballet training room, art rooms, etc.) or, to general study (work-rooms).

They speak of the


An attentive educational


Around the clock supervision

Night and day the young residents are surrounded by at least one member of our educational team.

Management in case of late arrivals

We systematically call the residents in case they are not present at their expected arrival time, or their parents, if the residents cannot be reached.

Management in case of illness

Parents are informed and we organize a visit to a medical doctor, help supply the prescribed medicine and adapt menus, if necessary.

An active "ear"

The residents can count on our educational team for all day to day issues. The team is available for discussion on a permanent basis.

Entrée du Foyer étudiant Les Enfants des Arts