The educational team

An educational team present around the clock

Day or night students are surrounded by our educational team. They pay attention to the comfort of all, at key times: rising, breakfast, leaving for class, afternoon snack for those present, dinner. Specific attention is brought to minors.

An attendance board, near the elevator enables the team to know on a permanent basis, if residents are present.

In case a student does not return to the residence on time, he or she will be called. If unreachable, their parents will be contacted. In any case, a security check is carried out.

In the event that a student goes out for an evening, we control that they do so under the best conditions, taking into account age and mobility.

Tableau de présence - Foyer Les Enfants des Arts
Porte vitrée du Foyer Les Enfants des Arts, près de Paris

Our team is available to students to discuss any and all issues: be these related to “low” morale or pre-exam stress.

In case of parents are informed and  we organize a visit to a medical doctor, help supply the prescribed medication  and adapt menus, if necessary.

We are always receptive to  queries from parents and can be contacted by e-mail or telephone.  Our team is fully available, on a daily basis,  to inform and reassure parents that their children are well integrated from the day of their arrival.

Furthermore, our management team is ready to respond to all administrative and financial questions within  the best time-frame.