The Association

Some history

Médaillon représentant Marie Laurent, fondatrice de l'orphelinat des Enfants des Arts

Established in 1881, under the name “L’orphelinat des Arts” by Marie Laurent, assisted by Sarah Bernhardt and Hortense Schneider, the purpose of the Association was the help the children of artists, in need.

Throughout the duration of the 20th century a great number of artists contributed to its development and encouraged its action: Lucy Arbell, Gustave Charpentier, Yvonne Printemps, Juliette Achard, Suzanne Flon and many others…

Times have changed as has its vocation. Today, under the name, “Les Enfants des Arts”, it is engaged in the functioning and management of a residence lodging young talent that pursue their studies, most specifically the arts, in the Paris region.

These young talents can benefit from the beautiful mansion and garden of the painter Emile Adam bequeathed by Gustave Dore.

The Association

The Association is made up of members of benefactors, individuals or corporations, motivated by the arts and the education of young people.

It is administered by a Board of Directors, which meets periodically, elected at the annual General Meeting of its members.

The Association is supported by an Honor Committee in order to create a tangible link between the residents of the home and recognized professionals of the world of the arts.

The residence of Les Enfants of the Arts is headed by a General Manager, appointed by the Board and supervised by the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the Association.

Porte vitrée du Foyer Les Enfants des Arts, près de Paris
Board members
  • Chairman : Laurent Hervé
  • Vice-chairs : Michèle Jouas and Christine Reichenbach
  • Treasurer : Bernard Scheidecker
  • Secretary : Aude de Mont-Serrat
  • Members : Marie-Françoise de la Hogue, Dominique Poullet, Elisabeth Conte, Sylvia Rubin, Association Massenet Internationale represented by Hervé Oléon, Mairie de Courbevoie represented by Anne Laveyron de Garidel and Sandrine Peney, Patrick Perrin

Honor Committee

  • Sylvia BERGÉ, Actress, Member of the Comèdie Française
  • Régis CAMPO, Composer, Member of the Academy of Fine Arts
  • Nicolas COURJAL, Bass, International Artist
  • Mathieu GANIO, Star Dancer, Paris National Opera Ballet
  • Nathanael GOUIN, Pianist, International Concertist
  • William MESGUICH, Comedian and Director
  • Christophe MORIN, Violinist, International Concertist
  • Eleonore PANCRAZI, Mezzo-Soprano, International Artist
  • Michel VUILLERMOZ, Comedian, Member of the Comèdie Française
  • Tanguy by WILLIENCOURT, Pianist, International Concertist
Residence “Les Enfants des Arts”

General manager : Iklas Latour, assisted by Natacha Huchon