Bedrooms are located on different levels or floors with a separation between girls and boys.

  • There is one floor, in the “garden house” wing
  • Four floors, serviced by an elevator in the main building

Corridors are individualized through different colors.

Vue plongeante de la cage d'escalier, avec une couleur distincte par étage
Exemple de chambre - Foyer Les Enfants des Arts

Possible Accommodation is :

  • in individual bedrooms (21),
  • in bedrooms for 2 (20)
  • or in 2 big studios planned for 4, with individual settings

Bathrooms are in the bedrooms or close by, for those for which they are allocated.

Each bedroom is esthetically furbished. They are bright and functional, cork wall-panels enable students to bring a personal touch.

We pay special attention so that our students feel well in their rooms and find the intimacy they would need. At the different floors or levels, quietness is imposed and we require our residents to commit to and respect internal regulations.