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A new Honor Committee for Les Enfants des Arts

Following on from what originally existed within the Association, the Board of Directors of December 10th unanimously decided on the establishment of an Honorary Committee. Composed of personalities from the world of the arts, it aims to create a tangible and human connection between our residents and recognized professionals.

Our young talents and members of this Committee will be able to meet, in particular, during meetings during which they will be able to discuss profession and passion for the Arts – instrumental or vocal music, dance, filmmaking, cultural media and applied arts – in today’s world.

As of today, the Association is honored to announce its participation in the Committee of :

Sylvia BERGÉ, Actress, of the Comédie-Française

Régis CAMPO, Composer, Member of the French Academy of Fine Arts

Nicolas COURJAL, Bass, International Artist

Mathieu GANIO, Star Dancer of the Paris National Opera

Nathanaël GOUIN, Pianist, International Concertist

William MESGUICH, Actor and Director

Christophe MORIN, Cellist, International Concertist

Éléonore PANCRAZI, Mezzo-Soprano, International Artist

Michel VUILLERMOZ, Actor, of the Comédie-Française

Tanguy by WILLIENCOURT, Pianist, International Concertist