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A most moving summer concert

At the end of the Board of Directors on June 19, young resident musicians organized a very nice concert during which they were able to express their talents. Listening to the saxophone (Mattéo), violins (Zarah-Maya and Noël), cellos (Derek and Jean), and pianos (Ruben and Daniil), the participants (residents, management team of the home, administrators and guests) been gripped by the beautifully performed pieces.

The concert was all the more moving in that it allowed a certain number of young people leaving home, after long years of residence, to be wished full of well-deserved success in the pursuit of their studies and careers in France or abroad. Good luck to those who are leaving us and happy holidays to all.

PS: We can enjoy, thanks to Manzana, our Community Manager, images of the concert on Instagram Les_enfants_des_arts